New Backyard Bluebirds Gallery

Over the last six weeks I have spent many hours watching and photographing the gorgeous pair of Eastern Bluebirds that have nested in our yard in a nest box made by my husband. One day I heard a male Bluebird singing and so we bought some live mealworms to try and attract them to nest and it worked! Each time we went out with the tub of mealworms we tapped on the side of the tub. This trained them to come over whenever we went out to feed them and tapped the tub. The Bluebirds would sit in the branches above our heads and chatter excited as we put the mealworms out into a wooden dish also made by my husband. We used this 'dish' with a branch next to it so that I could get natural looking photographs of the birds as they came to feed. The birds would fly to the dish after we had only taken a few steps away. The first 1000 mealworms went in no time so we ordered another 5000 and then a further 1000 after that! Those babies were hungry. It has been such a privilege to be able to be so close to these beautiful birds and to watch them build a nest, feed their chicks and see the young about to fledge. I missed the actual moment of fledging but I did see a gorgeous baby Bluebird poking his head out and checking out the outside world. It is an experience I will never forget and I miss my Bluebirds now that they have gone. I hope they will return to nest next year. I wanted to put a few of my photographs on my website but had trouble choosing which of my favorites to use so I decided to create this new Backyard Bluebird Gallery with all my favorites in. I hope you enjoy the images.